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Identity Poetry

The class are looking at some poems that explore notions of identity. Miss Lindsay provided this helpful guide sheet  – Feel free to follow the links as well to hear the poets themselves!

In My Country by Jackie Kay
Immigrant by Fleur Adcock


Script Development – Finish for Drama on Tuesday

Everyone has worked for two periods to develop a drama script that incorporates a set of conventions (as described below) and explores a conflict between two characters. this needs to be completed so we can enact these scripts in Drama on Tuesday.

Message from Ms Lindsay

Dear Year 8,
I would just like to let you know how much I loved your messages and massive card. It immediately made me feel better! I have seen my surgeon and he is pleased with my progress and says I can return to work part time in December and I will make sure this includes being able to teach you again.

It was a shock to have to go for another operation so soon but they have taken the tumour out before it could do any damage so I just have to recover from the operation and build up my stamina to return to work. I have loads of exciting plans for you as we head to 2012 with the Olympics and the Queen’s jubilee which will give us the chance to do some exciting projects.
I am using this time to get some reading done and would like to recommend a book called Un Lun Don by China Mieville – I’ll bring my copy in when I am back as it is a good read.

I hope to see you soon and thank you again for your lovely messages. My best wishes to you all, and I can use this blog to send you messages.


Welcome Year 8, Me Hearties!

This resource site will become an increasingly useful tool in your English learning. You can access it from both home and school and within it you will find a range of helpful material, including:

  • Supplementary Information relating to what we do in class
  • Details of homework
  • Glossaries Links and interesting diversions
  • Details of assignments Marking criteria
  • Examples of excellent student work

Whether you are a student or whether you’re here to get information that will help a student in my London Nautical School English class, it would make good sense to subscribe to this by email so that you’re always notified when new material appears.

Feel free to use the comment function here to ask any questions you may have – or to give your own point of view or feedback as this site is designed to reflect your needs and interests.


Mr Waugh, Dr Ovenden and Ms Lindsay