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Research – Know, Wonder, Learn

The class spent a period discussing how to provide evidence to verify historical facts and the value of different methods available. Each student completed a “Know, Wonder, Learn” table in their books and next period will work together to define 5 focussed research questions which they will then divide amongst each other. Ultimately each student’s research will be compiled by Mr Waugh into a single “Historical Context” booklet.


Wednesday’s Work

On Wednesday, 11th January 2012, we asked you to do the following in class:

Once – by Morris Gleitzman

Talk to each other about these questions and then write your ideas in your books.

1.What have you found out about the narrator of this story so far?

2.What can you guess about this narrator that he is perhaps not telling you but that you know as a reader?

3.How successful have you found the story telling so far?

4.What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Once’? You can have different things that it reminds you of.

5.Write down any 5 things that you know about the Second World War.

6.If you could ask the author of this book three questions, what would they be?

Your own writing: This book starts like this: “Once I was ……………….”
Use this line to write the opening three paragraphs of a story (you can write more if you want to.) Spend time thinking about how you can give your reader clues about who the narrator is in your story. Concentrate on crafting your writing.