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An Example Introduction

Everyone has almost reached the conclusion of their analytical essay on “Once” and today spent some time developing an introduction to bind their essays together with persuasion and impact. Attached is an example I wrote while everyone was working.

Some people might wonder why the introduction has been left to the end of the process – the rationale for this is that since the introduction should demonstrate the scope of the essay’s whole, it is better to have clarity about its shape before trying to construct the intro. All signs are that this has worked well. The final pieces will be finished by everyone next week. Good times.


The First Body Paragraph

As a class we have embarked on the process of writing the first body paragraph for the essay. We chose to write about the first person viewpoint as our narrative technique and all the students are writing their own version. Attached is Mr Waugh’s version of a Point and Example. On Monday the students will continue their paragraphs by writing an explanation and link to the question. There was some brilliant work done!

The Structure of a Literary Essay

As a class, in preparation for our essay in response to “Once” the boys have developed a structure to follow – the notes are to follow: